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JS Custom Pool Cue Brown Crocodile Leather Grip

JS Custom Pool Cue Brown Crocodile Leather Grip

There is a great JS custom cue selling on eBay. It's with brown gator leather grip and classic inlays design.

This pool cue is an exclusive brand new JS custom pool cue with brown crocodile leather grip. One and only one in the world. The back arm of the butt have 4 birdseye maple pointer spliced and decor inlays as shown in picture. Forearm have 4 ebony pointers with decor as shown in picture. (The cue comes with a joint protector)

  • Joint : 5/16 x 14
  • Joint collar : Quality Melamine
  • Ferrule : Premium Woven melamine
  • Grip : Brown Crocodile
  • Tip: 13mm premium layered leather tip
  • Weight : 19.5 OZ

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