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J/D Customs Thya Burl & Birdseye Cue For Sale $550

J/D Customs Thya Burl & Birdseye Cue For Sale $550

This is one of the latest JD custom cues.

It has a Birdseye forearm , Thya Burl butts sleeve , Maple and black veneer stitched rings throughout , and brown phenolic butt plate and joint. It is just under 19 oz. and will get a white with double black Irish linen wrap.

This cue is not sold yet and needs an owner. It should be completed next week.

Will be asking 550.00 for this one with 2 13mm shafts,and brass radial pin.

This is the thya burl and birdseye cue butt finished and polished. The shafts will be done very soon and will be up for sale and ready to ship next week. We are using a new clear-coat and it is working out very nicely.

This cue is still for sale and will come with 2 matching 13mm shafts.

Let me know what you think.

J/D Customs Thya Burl & Birdseye Cue For Sale $550

Replies & Comments

  1. JDCBishop on 4/5/2007 10:46:52 AM

    That thya burl looks awesome!

  2. JDCshark3149 on 4/5/2007 3:28:35 PM

    The wood in that cue looks great. I have to say, Jim, you are making good looking cues.

  3. JDCJDC on 4/6/2007 2:25:48 AM

    Thanks guys. You should see this thing clear coated and in person. The thya burl is amazing.

    For any interested in the custom cue, just remember that I am not new to building. I am just new to this forum. I have spent 15 years perfecting my cue making and turning wood! And as Brent would say, "Having a blast!"

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J/D Customs Thya Burl & Birdseye Cue For Sale $550

  • Title: J/D Customs Thya Burl & Birdseye Cue For Sale $550
  • Author: (Jimmy Lee)
  • Published: 4/5/2007 8:56:10 AM