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Colt Jump/Break Cue For Sale $100

Colt Jump/Break Cue For Sale $100

I am looking to sell my Colt J/B cue. Price is $100.

UPDATE: Price on the Colt Jumpbreak cue is lowered to $80.

  • Colt jump/break
  • 18 ounces
  • textured leather wrap by Mike Webb
  • Hard leather tip
  • Shaft is 13.5mm
  • Joint is 5/16-14 flat faced

This Colt Jump-Break cue is a great 9 ball breaking cue. I am selling it because I just went ahead and bought myself an X-Breaker cue for Christmas.

Colt Jump/Break Cue For Sale $100

Replies & Comments

  1. ShortyCaptainHook on 12/4/2006 10:12:08 AM

    That is really a great price on the Colt JB cue. If I didn't already have a couple of B/J cues, I would snatch it up.

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Colt Jump/Break Cue For Sale $100

  • Title: Colt Jump/Break Cue For Sale $100
  • Author: (Chad McDaniels)
  • Published: 12/1/2006 9:16:15 PM