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12 Meucci Pool Cues For Sale

12 Meucci Pool Cues For Sale

I have 12 Meucci pool cues for sale. They are from the left:

  • Meucci 95-8, $250.00
  • Meucci 95-10 Pro Billiards Tour, $250.00
  • Meucci MEF1, $275.00
  • Meucci Blue cue, $275.00
  • Meucci 97-9, $340.00
  • Meucci HOF5 "Rose", $350.00
  • Meucci HP-5 $360.00
  • Meucci MTC-01, $370.00
  • Meucci 95-10, (not original shaft, but a new $40.00 tip), $350.00
  • Meucci 97-22, $485.00
  • Meucci HOF2 (NEW), $400.00
  • Meucci Gambler II, with leather wrap, $500.00

I can sell locally, or ship to you. Partial trades for pool cues, or TaylorMade R-9 SuperTri driver. If you see a cue you like, email me, and I'll send detailed pictures. PayPal is OK.

12 Meucci Pool Cues For Sale

Replies & Comments

  1. coastal_tonycoastal_tony on 11/23/2010 8:06:50 AM

    The "ROSE" cue, and the 97-22 have been sold.

  2. coastal_tonyaleksandrganz on 4/4/2011 7:05:41 AM

    Hi interested in the Gambler I want to do a part trade for it with my Peachaur and Nick Varner the Varner does have a crack near the joint please e-mail me at aleksandrganz@yahoo.com

  3. coastal_tonycoastal_tony on 9/29/2011 12:57:43 PM

    The Rose, HP-5, 97-22 & the HOF2 have been sold.

  4. coastal_tonycoastal_tony on 12/29/2011 12:15:07 PM

    The MEF 1, and 97-9 have been sold. I'm looking for a Taylor Made R-11 driver now.

  5. coastal_tonyzackyarbrough38 on 1/4/2013 1:28:01 PM

    I am interested in trading for one of your Meucci cues.

    I have a custom cue that I am wanting to trade. It is lightly used. I paid $550 for it and if you are interested, you can let me know and I'll send photos.

  6. coastal_tony2ballrun on 1/5/2013 7:16:08 AM

    I am interested in the Gambler? Please p.m. a price Tony!

  7. coastal_tonyuser1477445027 on 10/26/2016 1:23:47 AM

    Hi Tony,

    Is the Meucci 95-8 pool cue still available or do you have another Meucci 95-8 for sale?

    I am in FL.

  8. coastal_tonyuser1566783329 on 8/25/2019 6:47:02 PM

    Do you have anything else for sale?

    If so, let me know.

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12 Meucci Pool Cues For Sale

  • Title: 12 Meucci Pool Cues For Sale
  • Author: (Tony Kalisiak)
  • Published: 7/13/2010 3:13:35 PM