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Tip choice for beginners

Tip choice for beginners

I just started playing pool and I'm considering changing out my stock tip (Brand and density unknown) with a Kamui Soft or Medium. I'm looking for some sound insight; so what do you think?

Tip choice for beginners

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  1. JnewstroZeke on 3/5/2015 8:23:54 AM

    If you just started playing, the characteristics of the tip should be irrelevant - as long as it has a decent curvature and can hold chalk after a cleaning and dressing.

    I've messed around with different tips and the alleged "advantages" and "superior performance" derived by ANY replacement tip - over another one is exaggerated by a factor of 10!

    If you play more than an hour a day, every day of your life, you might actually tell some nuanced difference between super soft and super hard tips, dime radius vs. nickel vs. quarter - but even then, unlikely to see any difference whatsoever.

    Once you play at a very high level (like running the entire rack in Straight, 8-ball or 9 ball) consistently, the tip is about as important as the shoes you wear.

    Many have opined on which brand and style are best. There is no consensus. Tips that cost over 10-bucks a pop are marketing hustle at it's finest. Endorsements by pro's - equally pure hustle.

    Tips are only as good as the person aiming the cue. I you suck, the tip becomes moot.

    Case in point: A guy walked into our local bar/hall a year or so ago and beat everyone in the house (about 10 decent players) with a house stick. 8 of the 10 players had their own cue sticks, 2 used house sticks (all of which are as straight as a fish hook). There was no "hustle." The guy only won the right to have the next challenger pay for the round and a free bottle of beer.

    Go figure

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Tip choice for beginners

  • Title: Tip choice for beginners
  • Author: (Joshua Newstrom)
  • Published: 3/5/2015 2:39:03 AM