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Mushrooming Pool Cue Tips

Mushrooming Pool Cue Tips

Is it true that billiard players (versus snooker players) use a flatter shaped tip? If so, being a snooker player I had absolutely no idea of that and comes as a big surprise to me! In snooker we call a mushroomed cue-tip a "domed" cue-tip.

Snooker players have dome shaped tips as it is generally recognized that a dome shaped tip causes less miscues when playing with side English or a screw (draw) shot in snooker - I cannot obviously say that for billiards as I don't play.

Why? Well, when you strike a cue-ball using spin, slightly more area of a domed shape tip comes into contact with the surface of the cue ball than it would with a flat shaped tip, so it aides better grip. So that is why snooker players all have a domed cue-tip.

Mushrooming Pool Cue Tips

Replies & Comments

  1. thedocGinger on 10/20/2007 1:30:18 PM

    So here's the deal. I think that there may be some language differences between the way the term "mushroom" is used as it relates to a pool cue tip.

    Most American pool players prefer a tip that is domed to the arc curvature of a US Nickel or Dime coin.

    When we use the term "mushrooming" we are talking about a tip that mis-shapes after some usage. When it mushrooms, it resembles more a bullet head which struck a brick wall, in that it has flattened somewhat an is overlapping on the sides. In such case it has to be reshaped and the protruding ends cut back again even with the ferrule.

  2. thedocHannibal on 1/10/2008 7:00:10 PM

    In my expierence a "mushroomed" tip is one that has either not been burnished properly or has been abused. ( hitting things other than cue balls or hitting with extream force). At any rate a mushroomed tip is a waste of time and should be replaced. It may be able to be saved but for the time spent on it you might as well replace it. H

  3. thedocSoCalMacDude on 2/4/2008 11:17:40 AM

    I just got my new pool table, and the cues that came with it have relatively flat tips. The kit included several domed tips and some super glue as a "repair kit."

    I have found that I am having trouble putting english on my balls, and I wonder if I should switch to the domed tips? it looks like once I change the tip, I am fully committed and can't easily go back.

    Should I change tips?

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Mushrooming Pool Cue Tips

  • Title: Mushrooming Pool Cue Tips
  • Author: (Martin Mckinnon)
  • Published: 10/20/2007 1:24:59 PM