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Benefits of Installing a Screw-On Tip

Benefits of Installing a Screw-On Tip

Are there any benefits to using a screw-on pool cue tip? Are screw-on tips any good, and if so, how can I install them properly for better for playing?

Benefits of Installing a Screw-On Tip

Replies & Comments

  1. murphMitch Alsup on 10/13/2009 11:12:51 AM

    The typical screw on tip+ferrule are typically horrible tips (but cheapo), you are much better off with a glue on tip.

    There are some screw on tips that have a normal tip glued to a aluminum tenon which is then screwed into an aluminum ferrule on your stick. These are all the way up to OK-ish.

    How can you amke it better, take it off, put on a real ferrule, and glue on a real tip.

    {My opinion}

  2. murphRayMills on 7/16/2021 2:47:08 AM

    Just to give a test, I bought a pack of 5 screw-on pool cue tips at WalMart this week because for $2, they were cheaper than the $5 glue-on repair kit. (I also bought a $15 cloth from the Crafts Department to recover my pool table, and, with 97% nylon, I'll see how long it lasts.)

    The pack has 3 tips at 12mm and 2 tips at 13mm.

    3 of the tips are already screwed into ferrules.

    I've installed one by simply drilling a hole into the end of the cue. Is there supposed to be a "female", metal receptor already? I'll probably never need the ferrules, and I wonder if they'll always fit what my cues have already.

    I don't know if the tip will be as solid as one with glue would be, and I don't understand what the advantage of instant installation of future such tips would be. Softer tips for jump shots? Harder tips for break shots?

    Update: I ventured out to answer my own questions.

    It appears that the sole benefit is to be able to switch tips while you play (and prevent needing to carry multiple cues), either because of damage or to get a different hardness of tip for various shot objectives.

    The market has shrunk, causing most screw-on pool cue tips sold to be too hard.

    My installation method probably won't last (without the metal female receptor), and for now I'm just going to use the screw-on tips on my one-piece break cue.

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Benefits of Installing a Screw-On Tip

  • Title: Benefits of Installing a Screw-On Tip
  • Author:
  • Published: 10/13/2009 8:17:40 AM