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How Do I Use This Pool Cue Tip Clamp?

How Do I Use This Pool Cue Tip Clamp?

I just bought this pool cue tip clamp, but it came with no instructions. Can anyone help me figure out how to use it to change my pool cue tip?

How Do I Use This Pool Cue Tip Clamp?

Replies & Comments

  1. StickyFenwick on 2/6/2009 4:58:26 PM

    The long section is placed like it appears on the package over a freshly glued pool cue tip.

    The oval part of the tool slips over it and is slid down until you have pressure on the tip to allowing the it to remain in place while drying.

  2. StickySticky on 2/7/2009 9:38:09 AM

    That seemed the only way it could work, except... it didn't.

    The flanges weren't apart enough or wide enough to accommodate my cue stick, and as a result the top part that is supposed to press on the tip was way off center.

    I tried to open it up a little in a vise but the while thing broke into pieces.

  3. StickyFenwick on 2/7/2009 10:18:16 AM

    What I forgot to mention is you slip the ring on before you slide the tool down onto the tip. So sorry! I've used it on shafts as large as 18 mm. That's not a typo. It's made of what is referred to white metal or white steel and will shatter when placed in a vice because it is very brittle steel. They make a plastic version but I would not recommend it as I have broken two of those already.

  4. StickySticky on 2/7/2009 11:23:04 AM

    No problem, I appreciate you taking the time to post and help.

    Now at least I know if I ever see one in the future. Right now I'm in no mood to run out and buy another one. You'd think they at least make the effort to provide instructions.

    I am going to try just using rubber bands or something.

  5. Stickyquickshot on 2/7/2009 3:11:43 PM

    If you are replacing a pool cue tip I suggest having it done by someone who knows how to do it.

    I say this because I do not think that rubber bands are going to be a big help other than to ruin the tip and possibility the ferrule.

  6. Stickypatrickp123495 on 2/16/2009 6:39:37 AM

    Please ask somebody that has experience in replacing pool cue tips. If you really want to do it yourself, try using house cues for training. I don't want you to cause damage to your cue.

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How Do I Use This Pool Cue Tip Clamp?

  • Title: How Do I Use This Pool Cue Tip Clamp?
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  • Published: 2/5/2009 4:15:15 PM