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Coating over my Viking Wrap

Coating over my Viking Wrap

Hello, I have a question concerning my Viking cue’s wrap. Let me start off by saying this is my first cue bought from the Viking company and all my previous (quality) cues were from McDermott.

The problem I have is that the wrap is completely coated with some type of sealant which doesn’t allow any perspiration to be absorbed.

I emailed the Viking company expressing my concern and this is the response given.

After being in business for over 40 years we believe we have perfected the wrap application. If the wraps were not sealed it would be difficult to press the linen without it fraying. It also protects against dirt and grime being embedded in the fibers.

Does this seem correct? Why have a linen wrap if it is not used as an absorbent? Are all Viking cues like this? Feedback is appreciated.

Coating over my Viking Wrap

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  1. kpgillRay J on 5/13/2007 3:45:11 AM

    I think these wraps were not meant to absorb perspiration but rather to make one feel the grip. Since the surface is now rough with this linen wrap on, it intends to minimize slippage during stroke, especially useful for people who grips very lightly, (e.g. Francisco Bustamante, uses only his thumb, pointer and middle fingers throughout the stroke).

    Some grips were made out of leather, others have no wraps at all. It is all about the feel of the grip!

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Coating over my Viking Wrap

  • Title: Coating over my Viking Wrap
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  • Published: 4/24/2007 11:11:32 PM