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"American Rotation" Billiards and American Billiards Club

"American Rotation" Billiards and American Billiards Club

Have you guys heard of the American Billiards Club and their flagship game called American Rotation billiards?

I was watching a few matches of this game on You Tube. The inventor of the game has an instructional video as well. They are trying to promote this game as the ultimate skill game. It borrows from a lot of games but is primarily a "rotation" game which allows for call shots and call safeties.

  • Six of the balls have a position in the rack and they have some special breaking rules.
  • There is no ball spotting and you can be made to continue to shoot after a missed called ball or failed safety.
  • The scoring is different as well: balls 1-10 count for one point each and the rest count for 2 points each. Standard game is 140 points.

As I said, I have not played it yet, but I will ghost a few games on my table and see if it is worthwhile.

Wonder If they will make a go of it?

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"American Rotation" Billiards and American Billiards Club

Replies & Comments

  1. gibsonZeke on 6/23/2014 8:54:03 AM

    The game will never become anything more than an anomaly if all the bar tables and those claiming "rules jurisdiction" over them prevail.

    All the rules organizations want revenue to be based on how many coins get crammed into the slot in one hour. Any game that allows spotting of balls diminishes revenue by virtue of forcing the return ball gate to be accessed during play.

    Given ~ 90% of all tables are coin operated - not hourly rentals, this game - should it catch on - would involve less than ~10% of all tables.

    Sad. But true.

  2. gibsongibson on 7/22/2014 11:37:45 AM

    I agree that this game will not translate well to the coin op table. I have watched them play this game and I think that the old game of rotation and the standard 14-1 still stand as classic forms of pool and the game will still have appeal to better players. I think great shooting and imagination count for something and the game should not be hamstrung by rules that won't have any affect on anyone but poor shooters who can't compete under the standard rules through lack of talent.

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"American Rotation" Billiards and American Billiards Club

  • Title: "American Rotation" Billiards and American Billiards Club
  • Author: (Mike Newberry, Sr.)
  • Published: 6/19/2014 12:56:55 PM