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VP4 Celeris Pool Sim Virtual Pool 4

VP4 Celeris Pool Sim Virtual Pool 4

Just wanted to give a shout out to Celeris and their newest pool sim, Virtual Pool 4 (VP4). No, I'm not affiliated with Celeris in ANY WAY, just want to acknowledge all the work that went into this PC Video Pool sim (not sure if they have a MAC ver).

Right now, they have a single player version, where you can play computer-generated opponents, career mode, practice mode, or even set up your own trick shots. You can even record your play or trick shots. You can play just about any pool game (8 ball, 9 ball, 14.1 straight, and 10-15 more), as well as Snooker and 3 cushion, on 6 or 7 different tables in very realistic 3D settings.

This is not a run of the mill PC pool game, but a very sophisticated video pool simulator, with impeccable physics, and incredibly realistic play. Looks awesome on a big monitor, and resolution can be set as high as 2500 X 1600 if your video card and monitor supports it. I've been playing VP3 for at least 10 years online via Gamespy, which is no longer officially supported, but you can still access the platform and play VP3 against other players. A web based, online version of Virtual Pool 4 is forthcoming in a month or so, where you'll be able to play against other players from all over the world. This upgrade has been a long time coming...the core VP3 players were wondering if VP4 was ever going to happen...but Celeris finally came through, and it's friggin' awesome.

I'm telling ya, if you are into pool or snooker you'll get hooked on this game. It can actually make your real life game better.

OK, enough of the pitch...again, I'm really not connected with Celeris...just a guy approaching geezerhood with too much time on his hands who likes to play pool, but can't play in real life as much as I used to. I think they have a Facebook page, but their web site is Celeris dot com, and they have a free demo version, and VP4 is only 30 bucks...a friggin' steal if you're into pool.

Let me know if you check it out...I'd be curious to know if you're as impressed as I am with the game.

VP4 Celeris Pool Sim Virtual Pool 4

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VP4 Celeris Pool Sim Virtual Pool 4

  • Title: VP4 Celeris Pool Sim Virtual Pool 4
  • Author:
  • Published: 3/18/2013 3:45:17 AM