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UPA Enters Online Skill Gaming Market

UPA Enters Online Skill Gaming Market

United States Professional Pool Players Association, Phoenix, Arizona Announces Its Affiliation with playfast.com. Skill Game of Champions

The United States Professional Poolplayers Association (the "UPA") announces a partnered venture with Playfast, which will host the official game of the UPA.

The website is a skill-based gaming site offering "fantasy competitions" for cash and prizes that include numerous sports such as football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, etc. The online pool competition will allow players to "play online and win a shot at playing in an official UPA event" and "play side by side against the pros both online and on the felt".

We here at the UPA are excited about the possibilities of such a venture into online skill-based gaming, states UPA President, Frank Alvarez.

UPA Enters Online Skill Gaming Market

Replies & Comments

  1. goldfrogGinger on 8/1/2007 9:20:50 AM

    What is the UPA anyway? Are they even really a well-known billiard league?

  2. goldfrogjana on 8/1/2007 9:26:26 AM

    The UPA is not a billiard league, but rather an association. United States Professional Pool Player's Association. They are "the governing body of men's professional pool" and they host "tours" which showcase their players. It looks like they are entering in to a marketing and publicity deal with some online pool playing sites.

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UPA Enters Online Skill Gaming Market

  • Title: UPA Enters Online Skill Gaming Market
  • Author: (Aaron Jones)
  • Published: 6/29/2007 3:33:53 PM