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8 Ball Pool Facebook App

8 Ball Pool Facebook App

I have been playing a version of 8 ball on Facebook. It is a Facebook app simply called "8 Ball Pool", and is the one by miniClip.

It plays truer than most of these computer games and is a nice way to practice position and safety play. I have been doing pretty well on it, I think, because I have been using a strict defensive strategy since the shot-making in the game is fairly easy.

I know a lot of regular pool players might think it is lame to play a video game instead of the real thing. If you are on Facebook it might be fun to check out.

8 Ball Pool Facebook App

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8 Ball Pool Facebook App

  • Title: 8 Ball Pool Facebook App
  • Author: (Mike Newberry, Sr.)
  • Published: 1/27/2013 11:11:03 AM