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Keno Pool Board Rules

Keno Pool Board Rules

Anyone play at a bar that has a Keno Pool board?

If so, what Keno pool rules do you play by?

Keno Pool Board Rules

Replies & Comments

  1. probilliardssrobinson01 on 1/17/2011 2:18:07 PM

    20 or so years ago we played every Friday night. This how we played the best I can remember- the balls were racked on the other end of the table from the keyno board everyone drew a pill that was your number (redraw after each game). Rubber balls were placed in every pocket so all balls stayed in play at all times. Drew cards to see what order you shoot in high card first right down the line if two drew the same number it was predetermined by suit they always went spade, clubs, hearts & diamonds, you stayed in that order all night it never changed unless someone dropped out or someone new joined the game they always shot last in the 1st game they played. After the break all balls must be hit in order 1,2,3,etc (like 9 ball) until someone won rerack after each winner. Any ball in double keyno was the only way it paid double (except cue ball) any ball in keyno or dbl keyno was automatic winner for the shooter. Same number ball in the matching hole was winner for shooter if no one had that number pill if someone had that pill they were the winner. If the shooter put more than one ball on the board he removes the ones he chooses to and only leaves 1 ball on the board if the cue ball goes on the board it is a scratch & any ball put on the board with that shot is spotted small number in front if any ball goes off the table it is spotted the shooter keeps shooting as long as he is putting balls on the board & not making bad hits bad hit balls that go on the board are spotted and it is the next persons shot with ball in hand & scratch is ball in hand for the next shooter also.We always had 8-10 players can play with as many as 16 if your board has the number 16 hole some boards do some dont. Our board did not have cue hole never played on board with cue hole. Hope this helps.

  2. probilliardssrobinson01 on 1/17/2011 2:22:26 PM

    Where can you buy keyno boards? I noticed in this forum it is KENO but on the one we used to play on it was KEYNO I do not know if these are different boards or not.

  3. probilliardsprobilliards on 9/23/2012 8:20:17 AM

    It's spelled either way.

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Keno Pool Board Rules

  • Title: Keno Pool Board Rules
  • Author: (Joe Scalise)
  • Published: 10/18/2010 7:21:04 AM