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Bolshevik Billiards Rules (Russian Billiards)

Bolshevik Billiards Rules (Russian Billiards)

I grew up in Western Canada, where we played a game called Bolshevik, which appears to be a variant of Russian Billiards. I am trying to find the "rules". I remember it is played with the yellow, brown, blue and black balls, perhaps the pink as well, but my memory says not. A "cannon" scores two points, the yellow is 3, and can only be pocketed into the right rear. The blue (5) only in the side pockets, and the black (9) only in the two front pockets. Game ends at exactly 50, and if you go over, you start over. "In offs" with the cue ball score as well, if sunk into the correct pocket. A facinating game of placement skill and strategy. A popular move when faced with a straight on shot with the blue ball would be to shoot the blue in the side, with a lot of "bottom english" and the cue ball would reverse and fall into the opposite side pocket, for 10 points.

If anyone can enlighten me with the full set of rules, I would be delighted.

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Bolshevik Billiards Rules (Russian Billiards)

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  1. dwbenderallanpsand on 5/5/2013 8:33:42 AM

    There is a similar version played at the Palo Alto Elks Lodge.

    Called "Russian Billiards", it is played on a full-sized 12 foot snooker table with snooker balls 4 - 7. 4 scores in the head corner pockets 5 - side pockets 6 - wild ball, any pocket 7 - foot corner pockets.

    You score for: 2 - two-ball cannon (billiards) 3 - three-ball cannon 4 - to head corner pockets 4 - scratch CB off 4 into head corner pockets 5 - to side pockets 5 - scratch CB off 5 into side pockets 7 - foot corner pockets 7 - scratch CB off 7 into foot corner pockets. Multiple scores on one shot count - i.e., pocket 5 and follow CB into side pocket for 10 points.

    We played to 150 - and it had to be exact. However, you could go over, but could backtrack your points with fouls (i.e., make 5 into corner pocket - foul is minus 5 points, etc.), then build back up to 150.

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Bolshevik Billiards Rules (Russian Billiards)

  • Title: Bolshevik Billiards Rules (Russian Billiards)
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  • Published: 6/11/2012 5:00:14 AM