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How To Snap Out of a Slump?

How To Snap Out of a Slump?

I need help! What do I do? Shoot through it? I've had them before, but this is a really nasty one. I feel phsically off for about 75% of the shots I make. My shooting arm is goofy, and I can't trick myself into not blowing shots by 4 or 5 degrees consistently. It hurts! Left-handed helps, but I still just stink. Unless it's some silly shot I don't think I'll make anyway. I can make the 8 in the kitchen off a side tittie, but no straight-ins. Even if you've got a fake plabebo trick, I need it, because my game is driving me nuts. (I've already tried not freaking out about it. It didn't work.) Thanks.

How To Snap Out of a Slump?

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