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New Member Saying Hello

New Member Saying Hello

I'm new and thought I'd say hi.

I wish I was at the bar playing pool right now.

New Member Saying Hello

Replies & Comments

  1. APA - 32920quickshot on 5/23/2010 5:41:45 PM

    Hi and welcome...where do you play out of ?

  2. APA - 32920APA - 32920 on 5/23/2010 8:29:08 PM

    Cape Canaveral, Florida
    There's a lot of teams in the area and it's very well organized. It's a nice break from the normal drunkn' bar players I usually play against, well most of the time at least.

  3. APA - 32920quickshot on 5/24/2010 7:16:03 AM

    I'm out of Suffolk County, NY. I do have a rule though, I do not play strange drunks in bars. or any drunks for the matter. I'm not a bar person except when playing in a controlled APA match.

  4. APA - 32920APA - 32920 on 5/25/2010 3:59:50 PM

    I don't mind the bar so much. It's the only option available to me right now for free table time. It's nice to be able to practice for 3 - 4 hours and not feel it in the pocket so much. Money's tight for me these day's.

    I wish we had a cash tournament to play in every week.

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New Member Saying Hello

  • Title: New Member Saying Hello
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  • Published: 5/23/2010 1:40:44 PM