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Trying to Improve at Billiards

Trying to Improve at Billiards

I have started working with one of the best players in my pool hall.He has been a friend for as long as I can remember.We always played the same speed till about five years ago.He now plays about 4 or 5 balls better than me in nine ball.We were talking the other night about how he got better and I stayed the same.He said we practice the same things but I just seem to stay the same speed.He said he has been watching for about a month and noticed that I seam to have lost my killer instinct.I thought about it and he is right.I tend to goof of a lot no matter if I am gambling ,playing in a tournament or just for fun.I just can't seam to stay focused on the game.So we will be working on how to get that killer back in to me.I will keep every one updated.I will try to post some thing every day or two.Thanks for taking the time to read this.


P.S. Brent if you read this.I will not be so easy to beat next time.LOL

Trying to Improve at Billiards

Replies & Comments

  1. shark3149Bishop on 7/16/2007 10:21:57 AM

    I like to look at a table and make a movie in my head. Replay it over two or three times and then execute. Seemed to help me stay on task.

  2. shark3149shark3149 on 7/24/2007 2:36:41 AM

    Hi guys this is my first update.I have been working on taking my time to read the table.I was rushing to the table and just kind of glancing at it.I am now taking much more time and thinking about where I need the cue for my next shot.I am making my self take the same number of strokes on every shot.Staying down on the shot is one of the things I was doing.Now I don't move till the balls stop.I still am not the killer I use to be.I am able to focus for a longer time now.My game is shaping up but this is going to be a long long road.Thanks

  3. shark3149Bishop on 7/24/2007 9:28:38 AM

    Glad to hear some progress

  4. shark3149shark3149 on 7/25/2007 12:30:39 PM

    Thanks. I now have anew problem of sorts.I just got a cue to test for a week.The cue plays nothing like what I am use to playing with.I guess it will just be another challenge for me.

  5. shark3149shark3149 on 8/11/2007 11:29:41 PM

    I just got back from the pool hall. Wow I am playing so much better. I all most can't believe it is me.I broke and ran 5 racks of nine ball out of about 30 that I broke. I made some cash.I think i could have run more racks but chose to play safe a lot more tonight. I am staying down on my shots and taking my time and thinking the table out be for I start to shoot. I just wanted to give a quick update.Thanks for reading.

  6. shark3149quickshot on 7/12/2008 5:33:17 PM

    It sounds like you just got your competitive spirit back and runing. Good luck and keep at it.

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Trying to Improve at Billiards

  • Title: Trying to Improve at Billiards
  • Author: (Nate Ludy)
  • Published: 7/15/2007 2:43:21 AM