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Tips Needed for 8 Ball Pool

Tips Needed for 8 Ball Pool

I've been playing pool for about a year now and I can control the cue ball not too bad while playing.

I can usually pocket some of my balls in the beginning leaving a lot of space for my opponent to make his/her shots and in the end he/she gets the advantage and wins.

Any tricks that would help?

Tips Needed for 8 Ball Pool

Replies & Comments

  1. JP890quickshot on 11/17/2009 8:50:16 AM

    There is no trick that will solve your problem. Your opponents sounds like that are more seasoned players than you. As such, you will have to practice more and put in some time learning the nuances of the game. Practice is the solution for you. Or for anyone else. You may also pick up a book or two and read them. One I would recommend is Phil Capelle's "Play Your Best Pool". Go on Amazon and get it used rather than new. Used you can probably pick it up for about $7-$10 dollars in good shape. He does a good job of covering both 8 bal and 9 ball.

    bottom line...practice..practice..pratice

  2. JP890JP890 on 11/17/2009 3:39:47 PM

    You arent right at all... my oppenent arent any better than me they are friends that just started playing pool at school while ive been playing in bars for a while now. What i need to know is should i wait until i think im able to pocket all of my balls including the 8 ball before starting to eliminate my shots or should i do something else?

    and im not going to buy a book.. lol

  3. JP890quickshot on 11/17/2009 8:24:29 PM

    Well you have already admitted they are beating you, and you are not prone to taking any advice, which incidently you asked for, so I have nothing more to say.

  4. JP890Fenwick on 11/17/2009 10:43:47 PM


    Okay here's the trick you're looking for. Don't run 7 if you can't run 8. LOL!

  5. JP890Mitch Alsup on 11/22/2009 7:01:00 AM

    Inconsequential position: Your game has probably progressed to the point where you can make pretty much any shot that you are presented with. So, you just play to leave the CB around her (or there) and take the next shot with whatever shows up. This is known as inconsequential position. You must come to understand that this is B A D. You are playing as if there were no consequences for missing position--there are, and your question at the OP indicates that there are consequences.

    So, first, you have to stop playing to leave the CB around here or around there and start playing to leave the CB right here or right there so your next shot is nearly perfect and so that your next shot has easy position to the subsequent shot. THis is consequential position. Missing position is everybit as bad as missing a shot--sometimes worse.

    Inconsequential position seems to work when there are lots of balls on the table, but fails miserbly whenthere are but few. Games are not won by potting 5 or 6 balls, games are won when the prime object ball drops--not before.

    A drill: Take 4 balls and roll them out on the table. Run the table. If you miss, start over. When you run the table 5 times in a row, add a ball; and continue. When you fail to run the table 3 times in a row, subtract a ball and continue. You will very quickly asymtote to the number of balls you can run and finish a rack. You will also be surprised at how low a ball count this will be. Pros will be playing with 13-14 balls on the table, APA 6s will be playing with 4-5 balls on the table. The difference is a mesure of how far you have to go.

  6. JP890JP890 on 11/22/2009 12:17:31 PM

    Wow great post, very helpful thanks a lot!

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Tips Needed for 8 Ball Pool

  • Title: Tips Needed for 8 Ball Pool
  • Author:
  • Published: 11/17/2009 8:10:48 AM