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Still missing something with stroke

Still missing something with stroke

I am looking for advice on my stroke. When I shoot at high speeds, the tip won't stay in line at the finish. It is always left of the line anywhere from 1-2 inches. This has been causing me a lot of grief with just pocketing the O.B.

I was reading some older posts and one suggestion was to move my stroke hand back. This seems to work for me. Still not on line but very close. I could be content with this but I want it on the line. I can't move my hand any further back, its already as far back as it can be. I was wondering, any advice out there?

Still missing something with stroke

Replies & Comments

  1. metguyspeedbump on 8/19/2015 4:51:10 PM

    Those are the kind of things that someone needs to watch you so they can see what's actually going on. Or you can shoot movies of yourself from a few angles then watch to see if you can pick up on a cure.

  2. metguymetguy on 8/19/2015 5:23:03 PM

    I got back into pool two years ago and have been working my way back. 12 years away from shooting is a long time. The only thing that I still had was some knowledge, everything else was gone. I'll tell ya something, those first few months back are brutal on the ego.

    This past summer, I shot on a masters league. Finished 3rd, very pleased with that. But, I only have half a game. Major holes to fix and the power game is one of them. I got with a guy who gives lessons during the winter. I'm lucky he is willing to help me but I'm not planning to wait.

    They say if you're not getting any better its because of your fundamentals. I know mine is flawed, just not sure how to fix it yet.

  3. metguyZeke on 8/19/2015 6:56:41 PM

    Lest we forget, even Jack Nicklaus took lessons in his best days. Jack Grout, PGA

  4. metguyspeedbump on 8/20/2015 5:26:39 AM

    I did the same thing. Moved to a different house, quit the game for about 6 years and lost everything. Your right it's a big slam to the ego. What really bugged me was that I thought I should be able to shoot like I did before. What a let down.

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Still missing something with stroke

  • Title: Still missing something with stroke
  • Author: (Jeff Hewitt)
  • Published: 8/19/2015 1:56:24 PM