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Snooker Stance Question

Snooker Stance Question

I have recently meet a young player, he's 35, who if a now former Snooker player and he uses a perfect Snooker stance. His problem is he is Height Challenged meaning he stands 5' 4" tall. He is used to the height of a Snooker table so he when using a standard Cue Stick was hitting his chest with his but hand on his forward stroke. I had him use 1 of my Custom Cues, 27 inch shaft, 17.75 ounce weight. It solved his problem as he was more comfortable with his hand further back on the Cue. But he has one other problem and I'm not a coach or a expert so I'm asking for the answers here. He is trying to change his stance to a Billiard stance and it's making it hard on his shot making. I know Allison Fisher and Karen Corr were both snooker players who changed their stance. Any suggestions on how he should go about this transformation. He is also right eye dominant and right handed. I told him the last time we played inch by inch life's a cinch, yard by yard, life is hard. He has moved his left foot about 6 inches forward but he is still rather frustrated. Any words of encouragement would be helpful. Thank you.

Snooker Stance Question

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  1. FenwickFenwick on 12/12/2007 10:26:31 PM

    I decided to try another source to get the answer to my question. Here is the reply I received but I can't give you their name. You might figure that out yourself.

    I didn’t change my stance at all. Maybe for one event years ago. I am also 5ft 4 inches. My cue is 56 inches in length and I have no problem holding my cue where I would have held my snooker cue which by the way was 54 inches in length. This means there is about 4 inches at the back of my hand. I generally hold just past the center of the wrap.

    As long as his arm falls perpendicular to the cue at address he should be fine. There are very few shots that require maximum power and therefore a regular follow through should be no problem. A snooker stroke is very compact and finishes at the chest due to the stance. It is very accurate. A pool stance allows for more room between the hip and the hand. This can be weird for a snooker player. As I said there is no need for change. I sometimes turn a little for power shots to allow for my arm to drop on follow through. This is a result of momentum as we use a pendulum stroke.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you, Allison

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Snooker Stance Question

  • Title: Snooker Stance Question
  • Author: (Ken Steinlee)
  • Published: 12/12/2007 11:09:24 AM