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Seeking 8-ball Strategy Flowchart

Seeking 8-ball Strategy Flowchart

If anyone knows where I can find the flowchart I saw circulating about 7 years ago, I'd love to have it again. It was a one-page "If/If Not" or "Yes/No" system designed to make the best decisions of how to shoot. I think it had about 15 boxes of individual decisions, from "Easy Shot" on down to "Foul on Purpose". Thanks! Ray Mills, raymills@earthlink.net

Seeking 8-ball Strategy Flowchart

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  1. RayMillsLegacy Billiards on 9/20/2011 10:41:16 PM

    8-ball is the most popular pool game. The rules are simple. Bust the rack with an open break, choose solids or stripes and fire away, pocketing the 8-ball last for the win.

  2. RayMillsMitch Alsup on 11/26/2011 1:47:23 PM

    I understand what you might be looking for, but I have never seen 8-ball strategy in "flow chart" form.

    • Given the choice between one shot that is a little easier than a different shot, go for the shot that a) is easier to get the cue stick on (not jacked up); b) is easier to get position out of, c) gives you opponent worse position if you miss.
    • Given two ways to make a shot and get position for the same next shot, take the shot that results in the Cue-Ball moving the least amount of distance. The only rejoiner is when the other way to get there has fewer impediments and requires considerably less precision (in spin and speed).
    • If you cannot complete a run all the way through the 8-ball, duck (play safe) before you run out of balls to duck behind. Safety play is part of the game; learn to use it to your advantage.
    • Safety play is ALWAYS about speed control (mainly lack of speed) much more so that potting play.
    • If you are good at breaking clusters a little at a time, don't break any harder than necessary; that is put this kind of pressure on your opponent.
  3. RayMillsallanpsand on 5/2/2013 12:05:11 PM

    The decision point is simple.

    If you can play the current ball and get shape on another ball - play offense.

    If you can't make the ball and get position for the next shot, then play defense.

    On defense, rate shooting options in this order: Improve the table AND a bad table. Otherwise leave a bad table.

    On the end game - if no shot on the 8, and your opponent has lots - move the 8 close to a pocket to make on the next innings. If opponent is on the 8 and you have lots left - more important to leave a bad table.

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Seeking 8-ball Strategy Flowchart

  • Title: Seeking 8-ball Strategy Flowchart
  • Author: (Ray Mills)
  • Published: 5/15/2010 3:34:09 PM