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Problem with my game

Problem with my game

Hi all,

Never used this forum before, but have come for advice on my pool playing. I've been playing for a while in pub leagues and socially, and now live in university halls. For the first few weeks, i was winning maybe 4/5 games i played. But now my opponents have learned that when i have one ball left, and they have five, it's incredibly easy to snooker me, and use their two shot advantages to clear up, resulting in fewer wins on my behalf.

Granted this is good tactical play, but it's getting frustrating now, as i am playing the same people every day and they have realised that it doesn't matter how well i play in the first half of the game, they can always play defensively until we're back on level terms. What to do to improve this last phase of my game? Thanks

Problem with my game

Replies & Comments

  1. guestRackBuster on 11/18/2011 6:39:33 PM

    keep an eye out for your trouble ball while shooting and look for ways to break it out with your leave...if you still are locked up try to get them locked up

  2. guestMitch Alsup on 12/22/2011 3:04:44 PM

    What to do to improve this last phase of my game?

    1. It is far from the last phase of your game.....
    2. You are faced with two choices 1) don't miss, 2) duck before you run out of cover.

    Basically, you have caused the game of your opponents to become better.

    So, now it is your turn to become a better player.

    First you must understand the concept of a key ball. A key ball is a ball that you use to maneuver around the table. Towards the end a a rack, the key balls become the route from where you (i.e. CB) are and where you need to go (towards the 8-ball). Making a key ball early is a recipe for disaster. One kind of key ball sits near a pocket and simply allows you to make other shots always having a shot back on the key ball as an escape route if your CB position is less than ideal. Another kind of key ball is left near the 8-ball so you can go down table with the CB and sink the rest of your group. This time, the key ball provides the way to get back and finish the rack.

    So, next time you play, think about the last 3 shots and use the position of the 8-ball to choose a key ball to finish the rack from. Then choose a second key ball from which you can eliminate all your balls from one of the table never going without 2 shots, the back-up plan shot, and the position you intended.

    This foundation should put your game back in front of your current rivals.

  3. guest2ballrun on 12/31/2011 10:52:03 AM

    I agree with the above replies.

    I would add that if you know you cannot get them ALL off the table, or it is going to be difficult to get them all, don't take them down to your last ball. Leave at least 2 or more of your own balls on the table. You can then use them to play safe on your opponent. The more on the table the better sometimes. It also makes it more difficult for your opponent to safe YOU! Just try to move one of your balls into a better place to use next time you are up at the table.

    If you go that deep only leaving one ball on the table, I would probably win the game. I won't let you near that shot if I can help it. I would safe you to death.

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Problem with my game

  • Title: Problem with my game
  • Author:
  • Published: 11/16/2011 4:18:05 PM