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New Member with a couple questions

New Member with a couple questions

First of all, I'm an above average level player playing a lot trying to take the next jump into that masters level... For those of you familiar with VVS I'm at an A level.

My first question is;

I've recently hit a wall as far as improving my game.. I'm consistently hitting ERO's about 1 every 8-9 games (I'm at 7 all together on the season) but I'm not sure what to do to take my game to the next step. Any advice, drills, books, or articles would be extremely appreciated.

My second question is a little goofier;

I notice when I'm watching billiards on T.V. the pro's cues make a lot different sound. It's more of a high pitched crisp sound, and I've always wondered why that is. Are they playing with harder tips? Is it the type of tip?

I'm glad I finally found a forum where I can read a variety of tricks and tips in regards to this find bar room game, and hope to learn a lot here.

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