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Hopping the ball

Hopping the ball

Hey guys, another break-related thread.

Some pros say (Sigel and Archer) that it's better to hit the rack with 70% power WITHOUT hopping the cueball rather than 100% power WITH a cueball hop.


I disagree. For me, hopping the ball makes it so much easier to plant the ball on the center of the table. It's not like "wasting" the power affects my performance much.

Opinions of professional and experienced players here is appreciated.

Self-work: Here I only put 50% of power on the break WITH hop to control the cueball. Criticisms is very appreciated. (Please don't mind the spread of the balls. The wooden slate and REALLY DIRTY cheap cloth really makes it so hard to break on this table as compared to Brunswick tables that I have played on clubs with really clean Simonis 760 cloth).

Hopping the ball

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