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Billiard Lessons are Worth the Money

Billiard Lessons are Worth the Money

I have been casually visiting this and other forums for some time and have enjoyed the “old” and the “new” and the multitude of directions.

I am head coach for a football team at a major university. About 6 years ago, I built a billiard room in our home. I searched out positive directions for my game, while maintaining an open framework for the side bets.

In a game where the strain of effort can be more then discouraging one must seek professional guidance. Two years ago, after a multitude of research and emails to many, I made the decision and commitment to sign up for professional instruction. I contracted with a sincere gentleman in October. He traveled to my hometown where we spent 7 days, over 8 hours per day of intensive schooling together with my wife.

It was crystal clear after the first 30 minutes that I had “in-every-way” made the right decision. The course, to say the least, was absolutely phenomenal! I experienced immediate feelings of “Being-in-the-World” as my connection between the objects motion and my physical movement seemed to gel into one. Some note that 'experience' is a considerably more complex concept than it is usually taken to be in everyday use. My subjective mind experienced a series of flashes of true clarity as the “ah-ha” moments approached one at a time in smooth progression.

Each of the initial 5 days were perfectly scripted using a beautifully designed Keynote presentation of graphics. The images, drawings, video clips, animations and text created a seamless construction of the many pieces of the puzzle. Nestled stories kept the imagination open at the surface.

What was most impressive was the multitude of teaching aids he created specifically for each piece of the puzzle. Through a detailed examination of every segment of motion he had a visual unit that was used to build the games development. On the final day we were to recreate the entire games process using these pieces, as we talked the way through our accelerated straightening of the learning curve. Wow!

An eye-opening video analysis segment was created using the V1 software. Such as tempo (shown in hundredth of a second) to showing even the slightest movement in all body parts. Some that were to move as others were to remain silent were shown in slow motion frame by frame. The impact frame was frozen while he proceeded to build the template of layers using boxes, lines, circles, angles, etc. The daily clips were uploaded to a video editing software program where he created a magical movie we were given on a personal DVD to review anytime at home.

The class also included a companion 250 page course manual. A detailed progressively flowing volume of information including; drills, charts, table layouts, and detailed columns explaining details such as: the way our muscles contract using cross bridge cycling matching the graphic he created showing this process. At the end of each section we were given a 20-25 question quiz which followed the course structure and a 100 question final exam. Peppered throughout each of the graphics we experienced a level of extraordinary passionate instruction, coupled with the elite skill to match. The ability to demonstrate perfectly each segment as “how-to” and “why-to” was not only remarkable to watch but truly clarifying to absorb. Every piece is detailed so that when reconstructed in play, the precision is simple and complete. He showed us the correct ways with precision and the incorrect ways with fantastic humor. He demonstrated the truth (“why”) in simple clear ways - disagreeing wasn’t an option that ever came to mind... it all made perfect sense.

For example; learning to stop the cue ball is a true science based on the distance. This knowledge is super powerful. Each shot, I know exactly where to contact the cue ball to stop, go forward (any distance accurately), go backward (any distance accurately). The mechanics of the stroke, as we learned, is the foundation for the whole. Get this right and the game becomes extremely manageable. He continued to examine each aspect of every bone, muscle and joint in our stroke arms. Even the precision of each of the 8 wrist bones throughout the arc have a specific dual place to be. Consistency in the movement = consistency in the motion.

On day 4 I asked if I could play a few games with him... Amazing! ...and totally effortless precision. Watching him run out the first 4 racks sealed my confidence that what I was learning was real.

In all, the 7 days was priceless!

Many of you might sense, as you should, who my teacher was. Absolutely, the Master Instructor Tim White from the Academy of the Cueing Arts.

As I have been perusing the posts on many forums over time, I’ve continually noticed the politics of many who’s desire is to put on parade an incomplete host of individuals with “teaching credentials” as recommendations. I stress the word INCOMPLETE!

Had I not expanded my research? After these past two years, I note the “lack-of” in a world to even so little, there are so many few.

To all, searching for the extraordinary talent in teaching us the fine art of billiards, I direct you to a first class world of true unparalleled success.

Billiard Lessons are Worth the Money

Replies & Comments

  1. DrOZFenwick on 8/27/2009 6:34:13 PM

    I'm set to have my first lesson with a B.C.A. Master Instructor myself. Not the person you mentioned.

    Do you think as I do one needs to progress to a certain point before getting formal instructions? I've spent 4 years and countless hours to get to the point I can understand enough to make the next big leap not to mention the money I've spent. My goal is to become a Master player before I die.

    I'm planing to share how my lessons go to a point with his permission. It's only 4 hours long with 2 DVS's and a work booklet. Sounds so small compared to what you undertook.

    Seven days is a long time and the cost must have set you back a tidy sum.

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Billiard Lessons are Worth the Money

  • Title: Billiard Lessons are Worth the Money
  • Author:
  • Published: 8/27/2009 6:14:33 AM