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World Record Cue Ball Speed on Break Shot

World Record Cue Ball Speed on Break Shot

I am wondering if any one had any concrete info on record cue ball speed on a break shot? It seems that I read somewhere a couple years ago it was in the mid twenties but a pal says it is 37 mph. Any input will be appreciated.

World Record Cue Ball Speed on Break Shot

Replies & Comments

  1. spinnerbaitMitch Alsup on 2/3/2009 4:42:03 PM

    A good pro will be in the low 20s (22-24 MPH), a great pro might be in the mid 20s (25-27 MPH). I know of one calibrated test when one ball reached a mesured 30 MPH (although that same person only averaged 27 MPH over 5 tries). I find it difficult to believe another 33% increase in speed is possible using standard pool balls, cue sticks, and tables.

  2. spinnerbaitJustanotherevolutionary on 2/4/2009 6:47:01 PM

    I saw that Jasmine Ouschan (whatever) clocks an average of just over 24mph. If you have ever seen her break you would probably know why. Looks like she's going to break her damn shaft most of the time. I think if men were to put this much athletisism into their breaks we would see an average of around 30 for men. As for 37mph I would say it's possible, but I doubt if that individual would ever use a break like that in a game. Definatley wouldn't want to be hit by it if it flew the table! Ask the mythbusters maybe! As they would say...Plausable?

  3. spinnerbaitspinnerbait on 2/5/2009 7:12:51 AM

    Thanks a ton guys. What you are saying is a lot along the same lines as my thoughts on the topic.

    I knew that mid twenties was considered very strong and that another 33-45 per cent increase left me quite doubtful but again I suppose it is not impossible.

    Thanks again. I just found the Billiards Forum and look forward to sharing and getting info with and from you guys (probably mostly getting).

  4. spinnerbaitpatrickp123495 on 2/16/2009 7:19:46 PM

    For thirtyseven either francisco bustamante or jeff de luna here's a link

  5. spinnerbaitThree Brothers Billiards on 4/1/2009 7:42:15 AM

    Wow that was a good break. Check out Alex Pagulayan making 6 balls off the break!

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World Record Cue Ball Speed on Break Shot

  • Title: World Record Cue Ball Speed on Break Shot
  • Author: (Richard Free)
  • Published: 2/3/2009 3:40:34 PM