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When You Just Don't Feel Like Playing Pool

When You Just Don't Feel Like Playing Pool

What do you do when you find yourself at a place where you simply find no reason to play anymore?

I am asking because I am finding that playing pool is just not as much fun as it used-to be since I stopped gambling.

Don't get me wrong, I'll still play small, like maybe $20 a set to 5, but don't gamble like I used-to. I won't be going home broke anymore, that's for sure!

I am in a city where the only action I can find is our city's best player, or I end up having to give up so much weight, its not worth playing.

I recently tried traveling to Pittsburgh to play, but the city is way complicated to get around in, and the pool room there (Breakers) isn't nearly as nice as the one in Erie, PA (Gold Crown Billiards).

I think that unless someone comes here to play me, I ain't playing! Whats really crappy about this is that I have my last custom cue being built right now to be delivered to me sometime in the next month. Its gonna be SWEET!

I just have priorities than pool these days. Maybe I'm finally growing up? I dunno about that, but I honestly feel no reason to play pool on a consistent basis. I'm more into paying bills (past and current), playing darts, and trying to get myself a truck instead of a car. The winters around here can be brutal!

Any insight would be appreciated.

When You Just Don't Feel Like Playing Pool

Replies & Comments

  1. jeffdukeBishop on 8/27/2007 9:11:19 AM

    You could always try to organized a weekly get together with friends or even strangers to ensure at least a little action.

  2. jeffdukeA-Train on 8/28/2007 3:28:41 AM

    I never started gambling as a result of hearing stories like this.

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When You Just Don't Feel Like Playing Pool

  • Title: When You Just Don't Feel Like Playing Pool
  • Author: (Jeff Duke)
  • Published: 8/26/2007 9:48:40 AM