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VFW outrage

VFW outrage

Well I played at another VFW post tonight, another run down, shabby and depressing VFW post. I just cannot believe this bs, every one I have ever gone to is just horrible. Don't our veterans deserve something a little nicer than a warped soft tile floor and a room divider? The tables (max number of 2) are always slow and f'd up. We spent 10 minutes leveling one of them before the tournament tonight. In the mean time eating soggy popcorn and drinking cheap american lager. Our team even brought our own food. A juke box limited to country music and classical country music.

What a frickin disgrace to our country. I guess these places are for the "fortunate" veterans that can afford cheap beer. A lot of them can't even afford rent or medical bills. So I guess the ones who get to come to V are the lucky ones. These places should be an honor to get in to and to be a member of. What an embarrassment to our country and a disgrace to our veterans.

VFW outrage

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  1. JustanotherevolutionaryMitch Alsup on 4/30/2009 9:08:33 AM

    Don't you find it ironic that the very same political party that has created most of the new veterans of foreign wars, is the very same party that wants to underfund the VA, disallow doctors from making PTSD diagnoses.

    Yes, our troops deserve better, much better. Its a shame, that it seems, the majority of our troops while serving are affiliated with the very party that dishonors them after their service has been rendered.

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VFW outrage