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Sore Neck After Playing Pool

Sore Neck After Playing Pool

Does anyone's neck every hurt after playing pool?

Also, does anyone play pool who has a lazy eye. I see 2500 out of one eye. Does that hinder anyone's else ability to play pool? When I am shooting an object ball halfway across the table I have a hard time lining the ball with the corner pockets. So I end of guessing where the path to the pocket is. Does anyone else have this issue.

Sore Neck After Playing Pool

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  1. guestMitch Alsup on 7/8/2009 4:19:34 PM

    From my astronomy days:: If you have a lazy eye, don't use it while lining up a shot. A pirates patch works great (sleeping goggles work well also). If you close one eye, the muscles on the other eye will distort the cornea and you won't be seeing as well as if the other eye was open. After you get used to the pirate's patch, you can train the brain not to look through the lazy eye and dispense with it.

    With a lazy eye, you are going to want to have your dominant eye (the non lazy one) directly over the cue stick--thus your head will be off to the side a bit. Don't let this adjustment bother you--just adjust to it, and relearn the finer points of aim from your new position.

    Also from my astronomy days: We call it astronomers neck when if gets stiff after being crocked for hour at a time looking through eyepieces.

    Both my neck and my back get stiff after a long pool session. I do toe-touches durring inactive moments to loosen up my lower back, and grind my head back and forth to loosen up my neck.

    {It's a killer getting old, but you really don't have a better option.}

  2. guestthequeenrocks on 7/31/2009 6:56:51 PM

    No lazy eye - but I do have one eye that is worse than the other. If I am having trouble lining up my shot, I just close the bad eye! LOL. Honest!

  3. guestFenwick on 8/1/2009 4:23:40 AM

    I come close being left eye dominant and right handed. There have been many discussions and arguments whether this is a valid point as far as head plasement over ones cue. I you look hard enough you can spot some world class players who are left right or right left. Efren Reyes comes to mind. He's right right from the photos I've seen and has a slight offset. I have a slight head tilt to place my good eye over my cue. I have trouble cutting right while my right eye dominant partner has trouble cutting left. We compensate.

  4. guestJustanotherevolutionary on 8/1/2009 9:17:48 AM

    I indeed have a lazy right eye. I shoot right handed, but have never really thought about it. Thanks for adding another psychological crutch to my game! J/K. You may wish to try taking more time lining the shot up before you are in a shooting position. Pick the line on the table, similar to reading a green in golf, you find a spot on the green about half way to the hole and start it on that line. More reading the path, less reading the contact point of the cb and ob. Rapid blinking, rubbing my eyes, looking upward with my eyes while opening the lids as wide as possible helps me, note: you may want to get some eye drops if you start doing this. As for the neck issue, maybe you need stand a little higher in your stance, I hate to say that cuz I get so low I rest my chin on my cue. But this might also help you see the path easier too. Maybe just bend at the knees a little more? Try doing some stretches and calisthenics before going out to play, not just for the neck but the whole body. You gotta be comfortable! I hope you find something that works, good luck.

  5. guestbuckshotshoey on 8/2/2009 12:01:50 PM

    Here's a tip that might work for all of you. I not only play pool but also compete in high power rifle. Some shooters will place a small piece of scotch tape on their shooting glasses, over the non aiming eye. The theory is related to the previous poster, where he said that closing one eye will affect the other eye. What happens is, when you close one eye, and cut off the available light to that eye, that one that is open will dilate, and will cause eye fatigue and distortion. The scotch tape will allow you to keep both eyes open(available light reaching both eyes), while focusing the vision to the dominate eye. If you wear glasses, it might be worth a try.

  6. guestFenwick on 8/2/2009 3:48:28 PM

    Along those lines I've been closing my dominant for some shots after this post started. My problem is my eye sight is 30/40 in my non dominant eye but it's not that bad. I been making some good shots with my bad eye. I would of never thought to try it had this thread been brought back from the archives. I shoot fine left handed FWIW. As far as shooting a rifle. We snapped in wearing a eye patch on our non shooting eye during training; 4 weeks. I never shot expert but was a sharpshooter with both rifle and pistol. Hit the target at 900 yards using a M-14. The tape over glasses is a good idea except I don't wear any. Something else for us to work on. Thanks for the tips fellow posters.

  7. guestlalabugu on 12/21/2017 2:44:51 PM

    I have what is called superior orbital palsy. My right eye does not turn inward to look down the bridge of my nose or towards the left at all. It is paralyzed. and does not cross the mid-line of my socket while my left eye does. It causes me to have double and sometimes triple vision depending on if I am tired or it is fatigued from lack of synchronized movements of the right and left eyes. If I was left handed it wouldn't be an issue. I can look to the right just fine with no vision problems of any kind. I do quite a lot have to just close my right eye due to the fact that if it's been strained the eye itself has a tendency to wander because of muscle spasms and over usage of the muscles surrounding the eye. It can completely throw off my depth perception making any shot difficult.

    I have battled with this issue for years. I honestly just stare down the cue, tilt my head to the left pretty hard and aim for the center line of my shot if I'm seeing double at the time. Some days I just can't make a shot to save my life. Especially if I am tired in any way.

    I have been a member of the APA since 1998 but only was hit with the palsy in 2008. It's been a hard adjustment (continually) and since I play league it can become a serious problem and hinder my game. It obviously impacts my teammates when I am having a off night.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions that might help other than covering my eye with tape? My eyesight other than the movement is fine and I don't wear glasses. Going around looking like a pirate isn't at the top of my list of things to do either. Bad enough I am a girl and some don't take me seriously as it is, but to walk in on a league night looking like I'm from Pirates of the Caribbean, I think not. LOL. Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance for any tips. .

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Sore Neck After Playing Pool

  • Title: Sore Neck After Playing Pool
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  • Published: 7/8/2009 1:17:49 PM