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My Game is Feeling Great Lately

My Game is Feeling Great Lately

I think I finally got through a big slump. My focus is more intense, my shot making has improved a bunch, my confidence at the table is at an all-time high.

I'm one of the players that will play like garbage for a few weeks and then come out playing better than ever. I'm going to go out tonight and continue the race I have going on with my friend.

We got good news today about a house that we want to rent, so it's time for a celebration. I can't wait to get tonight started. Only 45 more minutes before I can leave for the day.

My Game is Feeling Great Lately

Replies & Comments

  1. A-TrainBishop on 9/24/2007 9:30:53 AM

    I would highly recommend after each time you play to take a few minutes and go back over in your head some of the better events in the evening. This kind of memory recognition can help get comfortable with that deadstroke feeling. Good job.

  2. A-TrainA-Train on 9/24/2007 3:57:03 PM

    Oooh, good pointer. Will do.

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My Game is Feeling Great Lately

  • Title: My Game is Feeling Great Lately
  • Author: (Adam Stevermer)
  • Published: 9/21/2007 8:47:11 PM