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CueCup Billiards Social Network

CueCup Billiards Social Network

I wanted to introduce you to CueCup.

CueCup is a social network for billiards, snooker and cue games lovers.

Using a map you can find amateur tournaments in your area and participate to them.

Alternatively you can organize your owns and invite friends or other people.

You can also personalize your profile and list in there all of your victories :)

CueCup is totally free and I made it myself because I wanted a way to find new opponents to test my skills with, make new friends or challenge old ones.

If it sounds like something interesting to you, just give it a look: cuecup.com

CueCup Billiards Social Network

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CueCup Billiards Social Network

  • Title: CueCup Billiards Social Network
  • Author: (Diego Castorina)
  • Published: 9/9/2011 11:53:06 AM