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Rooms too Small for a Pool Table?

Rooms too Small for a Pool Table?

I am having a major problem. All the rooms in my house are too small to fit an 8' pool table, besides my living room and my deck in the backyard.

Putting a pool table in the living room is just about impossible because the couches, coffee table and television would have to be moved.

Putting a pool table on the back deck is a possibility as long as it gets covered from rain, snow, etc. But, what effect does the weather have on a pool table?

I had a KGI Billiards model KG120 pool table in mind.

  • Solid Maple wood construction
  • Wide-Profile 6" Top Rails
  • 3-Piece Oversized 1" Slate
  • 4.5" Solid Hardwood Center Beam
  • Hand-tooled Cordovan Leather Pockets
  • Hand Carved Solid Oak or Maple Legs
  • Mother of Pearl Inlaid Diamond Sites
  • Piano (High Gloss) Finish

If I got some kind of tent to go over my deck to protect from the weather, would this work, or do I specifically need an outdoor pool table? I'm not sure how the outside atmosphere effects an indoor pool table like this, like the wood and such.

My other option is to put the pool table in a tight area. I think I have less than 40" on one side of the table because the other side open which is the entrance to the next room. I know that's really small, but if that was my only option, is it worth doing, or will it really effect game play that much?

Rooms too Small for a Pool Table?

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  1. cubsfan29Ridethe9 on 8/1/2009 1:58:34 PM


    Check this out... all aluminum pool table with outdoor acrylic fabric.... one piece slate so its a perfectly level surface... there are a few horrible brands out there, but check this out... I build them... It can last in any weather, and it will not harm the table at all... centurybilliards.com/products/outdoor-pool-tables/

    dont go with a 7' table, you will outgrow it fast.... the larger the playing surface, the more challenging the game is...

  2. cubsfan29Mitch Alsup on 8/4/2009 7:23:30 AM

    Wait until you have a big enough room (or at lest a lot closer than what you have now). OR Build a room that has temp/humidity control in the yard (that is big enough).

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Rooms too Small for a Pool Table?

  • Title: Rooms too Small for a Pool Table?
  • Author:
  • Published: 7/7/2009 7:08:36 PM