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Pool Table Room Dimensions

Pool Table Room Dimensions

I need some real world advice on pool table room dimensions.

My pool table room size is 15' 6" long and approximately 14 feet wide (and a couch divides it width wise). Since the couch back is low enough, there is nothing to interfere with a cue.

But at this width, could the couch divider possibly affect the player's stance at the pool table?

An additional consideration is that there is a 6 foot opening at one of the long ends of the pool table room.

What are the chances of fitting a 4 X 8 pool table in a 15.5 by 14' room like this?

Pool Table Room Dimensions

Replies & Comments

  1. guestquickshot on 11/16/2009 9:49:10 PM

    For an 8x4 you should have 14.4 x 18 to be comfortable. Anything short of that you be able to use a short cue. I think with a little effort and imagination you can work something out in your available space..

  2. guestguest on 11/17/2009 5:34:37 AM

    The thing is I don't see why I would need a short cue since there's no wall to block a shot. Its just a couch - I am just wondering if I will have room to maneuver around the table and heck - which way to line it up if that is enough room?

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Pool Table Room Dimensions

  • Title: Pool Table Room Dimensions
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  • Published: 11/16/2009 8:45:35 PM