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Pool Table Permanently On Casters?

Pool Table Permanently On Casters?

Hi Everyone - I am wondering if it is possible (or if anyone has done this) to have a pool table that his movable. I have a new 2 + car garage and was not planning on a table but it sure would be nice. I don't want to sacrifice my new garage as a game room esp. after 8 years of parking outside in the elements, its nice to have indoor parking. But I would move the vehicles out if it was easy to setup/play.

Has this been done? My thought is if the table was on some high end castors with good brakes, I could roll it about 4-5 feet to the center and lock into position. Marking the floor and putting the table to level. Then when done , unlock wheels and roll out of the way so the cars could then be parked back inside.

Originally was considering a "bar box" small table but if it was mobile, I could definitely go larger to like 4 x 8.

Or...buy a cheap table, and have someone fabricate some really good castors to the legs. But after much reading on the forum, those small tables will make you inherently lousy on larger tables.... some thing I already know.

My wife will not go for no cars in the garage for my (and her) desire to play pool/billiards. And actually, neither would I.

Any ideas?

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