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Balancing Playable Areas In A Game Room

Balancing Playable Areas In A Game Room

I'm working with the room shown above trying to position an 8' table. The green lines are the playing area and physical size of the pool table and the blue lines show the recommended playing area. The room is almost large enough with the exception of the railing and stairs in the lower left corner. The cue stick passes over the railing, but a player will be limited in where they can stand. I have moved the table away from the railing by 5 inches which partially alleviates the railing issue but now the top and right walls will slightly interfere with play.

My question is in this case is it better to be really crammed in one area with perfect clearance everywhere else, or to spread the cramming more evenly as I did in the figure. Alternatively, should I just go with a 7' table?


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