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Advice for 8' Pool Table in a Narrow Room

Advice for 8' Pool Table in a Narrow Room

I would like to buy an 8' table for my basement, but I'm not sure the location is wide enough. I'm seeking advice from those of you that have an 8' table in a narrow room. This will be a family table for casual use.

According to the guidlines I've seen, the room width for an 8' table is 12' - 13.5' for cue sizes ranging from 48" to 58" respectively.

The width of my room is 12' 2", which is on the low end of the range. My thinking is that I will only have to use a 48" cue for a small percentage of my shots.

Anyone out there have an 8' table in a room this size and if so, are you satisfied with your arrangement or would you suggest going down to a 7' table?

Advice for 8' Pool Table in a Narrow Room

Replies & Comments

  1. bbookerquickshot on 11/5/2009 2:19:09 PM

    For an 8 ft table you should have a 14.4 x 18. It is my thinking that you will have to buy a 40 inch cue for the short side. If you are into getting an 8 footer be very sure of your measurements. Going down to a 7 ft is not that much difference. you should have 14 x 17.4. Given the percentages of a rail shot or close to it being low a 40 inch cue should not be that much of a hinderence, Or, at least, something you can live with. I believe the average back stroke is about 6-7 inches.

    If it is just for causal home play a 3 1/3 x 7 may well serve your purpose.

  2. bbookerMitch Alsup on 11/5/2009 4:02:38 PM

    Your room width is actually marginal on a 7 foot table.

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Advice for 8' Pool Table in a Narrow Room

  • Title: Advice for 8' Pool Table in a Narrow Room
  • Author: (B. Booker)
  • Published: 11/5/2009 1:50:39 PM