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7' or 8' Pool Table in a 14' x 16' Room?

7' or 8' Pool Table in a 14' x 16' Room?

I'm trying to make a decision between a 7 or 8 foot table, my room is 14 feet wide by 16 feet long.

I have read the articles regarding room size recommendations and it looks like a 7 foot table meets the proper specifications but I have been told that an 8 foot would be fine as well since most shots aren't by the rail anyway and that a 8 foot is much better size to play on when possible.

So I'm torn, go with the smaller table that meets the room size perfectly or go with an 8 footer that should be alright the vast majority of the time.

Any recommendations? Past experience? Am I sacrificing quality of play with a 7 foot pool table?

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