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7' or 8' Pool Table in a 14' x 16' Room?

7' or 8' Pool Table in a 14' x 16' Room?

I'm trying to make a decision between a 7 or 8 foot table, my room is 14 feet wide by 16 feet long.

I have read the articles regarding room size recommendations and it looks like a 7 foot table meets the proper specifications but I have been told that an 8 foot would be fine as well since most shots aren't by the rail anyway and that a 8 foot is much better size to play on when possible.

So I'm torn, go with the smaller table that meets the room size perfectly or go with an 8 footer that should be alright the vast majority of the time.

Any recommendations? Past experience? Am I sacrificing quality of play with a 7 foot pool table?

7' or 8' Pool Table in a 14' x 16' Room?

Replies & Comments

  1. futurepoolsharkMitch Alsup on 11/9/2009 8:07:24 PM

    My 8 footer is in a room such as yours, maybe 3-4 inches longer. The end of the table is just shy of a good stroke with a standard sized cue. I do have a 52" cue to shoot these shots with,

    but I made up a house* rule:: you call the intended shot, demonstrate that the cue hits the wall, and I allow you to move the CB along the intended CB-path until the cue-stick does not hit the wall. This ends up being less than 1 diamond, and saves a lot of hassle, and almost never causes the shot to be significantly easier than if the wall were not there. Now if the when moving the CB you would hit the OB, then you are just not allowed to call that as the intended shot.

    (*) its my house, you can make up your rules for your house, also.

  2. futurepoolsharktasha_silvester on 6/5/2013 12:18:18 AM

    For a standard size of 58" cue, the room size should be 13' 6" x 17' 6" to fit a 8 ft table. A 7ft pool table would easily fit in your room.

  3. futurepoolsharkZeke on 6/5/2013 6:59:11 AM

    The real question becomes, "What percentage of shots, will a wall (that is in the way) impact a shot"?

    I too have a wall that impedes but it is troublesome less than 1% of all shots.

    We "resolve" it by either limiting backswing by an inch or two - or raising the stick butt to reduce or eliminate the infringement.

    No one ever used a short stick, or complains. If they did, we'd make them buy a round of drinks :)

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7' or 8' Pool Table in a 14' x 16' Room?

  • Title: 7' or 8' Pool Table in a 14' x 16' Room?
  • Author:
  • Published: 11/9/2009 3:20:40 PM