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12 Questions About Pool Table Lighting

12 Questions About Pool Table Lighting

I'd like to explore your thoughts regarding overhead pool table lights.

Yes, we all know about the various 3 and 4 lamp overhead pool table lights available, and which size pool table requires which size lighting, but the real "nuts and bolts" knowledge, experience, and results seems missing.

I bring this up because I decided to see how a $22 Costco "energy saving" CFL with dimmer capabilities would compare to the 4 x 100 watt bulbs I've used for a few years.

Please comment on these critical pool table lighting issues for the benefit of us all.

Assuming you have a 3 or 4 bulb hanging fixture... 1. What dimension do you have from pool table surface to lamp surface? e.g. What is the distance from the pool table light down to the pool table top?2. What's the lumen output of the pool table light bulbs?3. What's the bulb actual wattage?4. Are you using CFL or incandescent bulbs in your pool table light?5. Are you using a "Spot" bulb (as in a spotlight design) or a round bulb (as in a plain-jane table incandescent bulb)6. If a CFL type, what is the true watt consumption vs. the alleged watt equivalent output?7. If you know the lightwave frequency (3500K up to 6000K), what is it?8. Are the shades on your pool table light white or mirrored/chrome-like or something else altogether?9. If you have "spot" type bulbs, what angle did the box say they were? ("R"-type and "PAR"-type bulbs usually have the angle on the box)10. I am of the opinion that ideally, a pool table light should not produce some bright areas and some less bright ones on the table top. Does your pool table light do this, and if so, are they obvious or, so subtle you wouldn't notice it?11. Do you agree that the illuminated area of the pool table should be evenly lit and that the only area DIRECTLY lit by the pool table light is the four rail-boards up to and including the outermost trim, with as little "wasted" illumination hitting the floor?12. If the bulbs used are "dimmable," do you ever adjust the output to less than 100% "on" while playing pool? I'll post MY answers, after I run over to my pool table and find out.

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