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Prevent Cue Ball Deflection Caused By Pool Cues and Cloth Nap

Prevent Cue Ball Deflection Caused By Pool Cues and Cloth Nap

Here is a billiard tip which is useful for all players but surely for all tournament players. As you all might know cue ball deflection is a big issue when you want to play any billiard game consistently.

Most players use a "high deflection cue" which is pushing the cue ball away from the intended line of aim because they are applying traces (or a lot) of unintended side spin to the ball. The reason is that nobody is technically perfect.

Besides changing the pool cue you are using (we advise using a "low deflection cue"), there is also the "nap (of the the pool table cloth)" which can also play a big roll. A smooth and thin nap will deflect much more then a thick club nap.

Therefore, if you use a standard cue (high deflection), you will have to aim slightly differently when you are playing with traces of unintentional side spin! This because the thin and slippy tournament naps are going to deflect the cue ball much more.

Johan Acuerate Team

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