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Object Ball Drift When Applying English

Object Ball Drift When Applying English

When using side 'English', during a shot, the spin imparted on the cue ball transfers to the object ball; a simple physical fact. What is not commonly known is that the motion of drift happens as well, in the same direction side English. So if the side English is 'Right' then the object ball struck will tend to 'drift' to the right.

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This site is family friendly. They have moderators watching the lobbies for people that are abusing others and getting out of hand. The program has the capability to "report abuse" for proof so action can be taken against the players that abuse and remove them from the games. So let your kids play knowing they’re safe, let your Parents play knowing that if they cross the line, they wont embarrass anyone. And you, you can hone in your own skills so you can blast you buddies away next time at the pub.

I would recommend downloading this program loading it up and practicing on yor local machine for several months before even thinking about logging into a lobby to start that 14 day trial account. You’ll be glad you did. Happy iPoolingWhen using side 'English', during a shot, the spin imparted on the cue ball transfers to the

Object Ball Drift When Applying English

Replies & Comments

  1. billyraddMitch Alsup on 4/22/2008 7:42:54 PM

    I think the correct term is "throw". A cue-ball with side spin will 'throw' the object ball off the path defined by the center of the balls and the contact spot between them.

    In addition, there is some spin induced in the object ball opposite that of the cue-ball, and will cause a slight amount of curve if the object ball has a significant distance to run. Much less pronounced than 'throw' and used on object ball bank shots.

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Object Ball Drift When Applying English

  • Title: Object Ball Drift When Applying English
  • Author:
  • Published: 10/16/2007 10:34:53 PM