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Kick Shot Lesson for Newbies

Kick Shot Lesson for Newbies

I have been playing Billiards for about a year now and I'm (soon to be) Top Shooter on my APA team. There's my record.

Kick shots; Aim to make the ball every time. Hit english off the rail for control and accuracy. Hit with confidence. If you make a killer kick shot it will deplete your opponent, I don't care if you're a 2 and he/she is a 7. A good kick shot is like a flash stun punch in boxing. Even if you are left with a difficult 2nd shot it's a hard hit to the psychology of the other player, which may benefit you. So often players are just aiming dead center CB angles to "hit" the object ball and leave me a shot, I love it. Play safeties off a kick too. Not too hard.

Stop dead, feel the angle don't analyze the diamonds and angles, create your own path. Take your stance higher than normal. Look over the table, play it it thin if it benefits you, play it thick vise versa. Always use english/spin if possible. Same with banks, miss thick, not thin. You will see better leaves and more shots for you. I could explain this better but I don't really want to. =) Good gaming, may the pool gods be with you. BTW I'm an atheist, I have no pool gods, but to each their own. Good luck all. Hope this helps you get out of some safeties. Also, a lot of people don't think the kick is an important shot to learn, let me just say, good luck without a good kick.

Kick Shot Lesson for Newbies

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