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How to Spin the Cue Ball Properly

How to Spin the Cue Ball Properly

I was wondering how one might put enough spin on the cue ball as to make it hook and things like this. I understand draw and lateral English and how to control the cue ball when it comes in contact with a rail, but say I'm shooting a shot and I want the cue ball on contact with the object ball to draw left and hook dramatically backward, I wish I could draw a diagram.

I've had these situations where I would very much like to be able to control how the cue ball travels such as In an arcing fashion or with dramatic draw.

How to Spin the Cue Ball Properly

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  1. Dylanr214allanpsand on 4/11/2013 11:19:59 AM

    The only way to make the CB curve around a partial obstruction is with a semi-masse.

    Raise the angle of the cue stick to around 30-35 degrees and shoot into the CB off to the side you want the curve to go.

    If you want this to be a trustworthy shot, you are going to have to practice this for a long time, with the interfering ball about halfway between the CB and OB. Work on this with 1/4 tip, 1/2 tip, and 1 tip distances out from the vertical line.

    At the very least, get to the point where you can use a semi-masse shot to make a legal hit. Rarely can you be precise enough to pocket the OB.

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How to Spin the Cue Ball Properly

  • Title: How to Spin the Cue Ball Properly
  • Author: (Dylan R)
  • Published: 3/21/2013 9:34:31 AM