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Best Way to Spin the Cue Ball

Best Way to Spin the Cue Ball

Hello from Indonesia,

What is the best way to put spin on the cue ball?

Thanks, Pati

Best Way to Spin the Cue Ball

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  1. guestDLCBreaks on 12/18/2007 12:35:55 AM

    There is no one best way. Spin on a cue ball, which is called 'english', is usually applied for a specific purpose such as, drawing the ball back (reverse spin), following the object ball (forward spin) , striking the cushion and moving to the left (right to left spin), and the opposite (left to right spin, and variations and combinations of these. You could strick the cue ball sharply (pull back on the cue) with low, right hand english in order to move the cue ball to the right and backward after hitting the object ball. The best way to learn this is to have an advanced player actually show you. The next best way is to watch a match, live, on TV or on video and keep your eye on the cue ball, where the pro strikes it and where it (the cue ball) goes after it hits the object ball. Don't watch the object ball, just watch the cue ball. In addition, when playing, always make certain that your cue tip is properly chalked. Duane (DLCBreaks)

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Best Way to Spin the Cue Ball

  • Title: Best Way to Spin the Cue Ball
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  • Published: 12/17/2007 6:23:54 PM