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Trying to decide- Legacy or Rafer Stratford table

Trying to decide- Legacy or Rafer Stratford table

I am a casual player and am buying a table for my home. I have found a dealer who sells Legacy Caravel and Stratford Luxor tables. Does anyone know if the Rafer Legacy is a well made table? There is very little about them on the internet. Thanks for you help.

Trying to decide- Legacy or Rafer Stratford table

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  1. FloydFenwick on 1/4/2009 7:07:02 PM

    You are correct; not much information about these tables on the web. If I was the looking for a table not being a expert the short answer is do a search using, "What makes a pool table good". Also read the link below.
    pooltablesdirect.com and greenleaf billiards

  2. FloydFloyd on 1/5/2009 8:30:56 PM

    I wish there was more reviews to read too. The Stratford Luxor is half the price of the Olhausen and only 70% of the Presidential Charleston. It has solid wood, 1" slate, leather pockets, very heavy ball & claw legs and appears to be a nice table. I am leaning toward the $2400 Stratford Luxor but need some rienforcement. Am I going th right way.

  3. Floydquickshot on 1/5/2009 9:10:13 PM

    One of the reasons there is very little about them may be because thay are made across the Pacific pond. My advice, buy what yoru know is well made and from a dealer who will stand behind the product. Even if it cost more it is a long term investment. That's # 1. Number 2 is: even though you are a casual player, the more you play the more you will get into the sport. At that point you will want to improve your play and your overall game, and in order to do that you will want a good table that will give you a lot of enjoyment and not regrets.

  4. FloydFloyd on 1/6/2009 12:16:37 PM

    Thanks a bunch. I appreciate your thoughts and guidance.

  5. Floydcraigl on 1/6/2009 11:09:06 PM

    I am a dealer of Statford pool tables in Wakdorf M.D. I have carried the Sratford line of pool tables for the last 8 years. The slate is 1 inch framed slate, the cabinet is also very thick, and they are very well made at a fairly afforrdable price. The Stratford furniture line of tables is similar in look and quality to Olhausen tables at a fraction of the cost. The MFG. also stands behind the product 100%. It would be a wise investment and you would save an absorbent amount of money. The Luxor and Manhatten are their most popular models. Take Care!

  6. FloydFloyd on 1/19/2009 12:04:08 AM

    Thank you for a very positive endorsement on the Straford Luxor. I appreciate it. I was worried that I might talk myself into the wrong table. It looks and feels like a nice table. The Presidential Charleston is much heavier and appears nice but a) it's $800 more and b) Mugabe owns the factory and uses slave like labor. I'll order the Stratford. Thanks. /s/ Floyd

  7. FloydFloyd on 1/27/2009 9:40:02 PM

    Craigl Where is your pool table store in Waldorf? I only live 30 minutes from there.

  8. Floydcraigl on 1/27/2009 10:20:00 PM

    Sir, my billiard shop is called American Billiards and is located at 2175 Crain Hwy. Waldorf, M.D. As soon as you enter Waldorf from Prince Georges County (Branywine) you will see a brick sign on the right side of the road that says welcome to Charles County. Right past the brick sign you will come to the Mattawoman/Beantown Rd. traffic light, you will continue straight and all of which will be on the right hand side: a closed down Exxon, Mcdonalds, Annapolis Seafood, Rip's Restaurant, Waldorf Motel, Extra Gas station, then a long 1 level building that houses both Last Call Bar and Billiard as well as my shop American Billiards. I am normally there Mon. thru Fri. from 1:00-6:30. If you do decide to come down, as soon as you pass the Mcdonalds please get in the far right hand lane because American Billiards will approach you very quickly and I wouldn't want you to pass it because Waldorf can get quite congested at times by means of making a u-turn. Just give me a call it would be my pleasure, Craig (301) 870-0031

  9. FloydRMCORP2006 on 1/28/2009 9:02:14 AM

    ouch! hey man check out our info site. look at my signature to get the link.

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Trying to decide- Legacy or Rafer Stratford table

  • Title: Trying to decide- Legacy or Rafer Stratford table
  • Author:
  • Published: 1/3/2009 11:39:07 PM