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Schaaf or Brunswick?

Schaaf or Brunswick?

I recently acquired a regulation size table that I found listed in the local classified ads as Brunswick 5 x 10 Snooker table free to give away. Well naturally I was there ASAP and now have it in my basement. Praise the pool Gods!

Here's my dilemma of sorts:

  1. It's a regulation size 9 foot table, which I'm quite happy about (not really a question, just making a point.)
  2. It does have a name plate that matches those of the 30's - 40's era Brunswick tables, but it is copper?
  3. Above name plate states that it has "Monarch Cushions" However when I removed the old felt from this cushion the bottom of the cushion says "SCHAAF MFG CO. M FLS. MINN. THE HOUSE WITH THE STERLING REPUTATION". Did Schaaf make Monarch cushions, or perhaps the whole table?

The profile of the table matches that of the "Randolph" listed on the Brunswick web page under antique tables. However the original veneer inlays on the side rails don't match and the legs have either been re-done or stained so those don't match either. But the profile is identical. The other major difference that I see is that the Randolph info states 1" 3 piece slate and my table is a 3 piece 1 1/2" slate.

The table appears to have the original 6 iron leather drop pockets however no where else on the table does it say Brunswick or Schaaf.

From what I can tell the table IS from the 30-40's. I've come to this conclusion, being that the table has the original hardware and the sides of the frame are attached to the end of the frame via three 3/4" wooden dowels and one very long lag bolt with a square head. Secondly the cushions are cut in a fashion that round into the pocket opposed to the familiar 45 degree angle, which I believe changed around 1945?

I read the other post here about a Schaaf table and like that person can not find anything about the company or their tables since they no longer exist.

I would like to know who made it, don't care either way, just really don't want a Brunswick name plate on a Schaaf table. Any info on Schaaf Co. or distinctive table ID would be much appreciated!

Secondly, obviously since the table was free, it does need some work. From what I've seen Ozone billiards seems to have the best selection of hardware, cushions, felt and other misc table maintenance items. Does anyone have any other recommendations or preferences?

I have "The Green Book" coming to help me in assembly and any necessary repairs, any other recommendations?

I just had the entire foundation of my house redone due to age and structurally necessity. I purposefully designed the space so it will now comfortably fit a regulation size table allowing up to 14'9" wide (restricted by only one 4" x 6" post) x 22' long. I originally was in the market for a used Gold Crown until I came across this table, which when refinished will be a very fine table indeed!

I have pics of the table, which is mostly still in pieces, but will be more that happy to post if they will be of any help in identifying the pool table.

So glad to find this site, Hoping to gain from the wisdom within and anxious to have my table done, whatever it is. I'll be sure to post the finished table here when it is done, which will be in about 3 months.

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Schaaf or Brunswick?

Replies & Comments

  1. jackdylan07jamesh1031 on 12/12/2007 7:13:28 AM

    I have a 9' regulation pool table made by Schaaf. I bought it used in Minneapolis in 1975. It had been in a bar in northern minnesota prior to the guy who owned it that I bought it from. I remember calling Schaaf with a serial number and they told me it had been built in 1932-34 and I asked them and they sent a photocopy of a magazine ad from that time. If I can find my file folder I will scan it and upload it. Schaaf was located just off Hennepin avenue near downtown Minneapolis if my memory serves me right. Does anyone have a ballpark idea on the value of my pool table. It's in good to very good condition. Cushions had been replaced, one of the pockets had had a crack in it and this was repaired.

  2. jackdylan07jackdylan07 on 1/11/2008 4:50:56 AM

    I would love to have any info you have on Schaaf tables. They certainly exist, but getting any info seems to be a needle in a haystack. I would really like to know more about the table that I have but resources are very scarce. I've looked all over the internet and can't find a thing. I've even talked to several table restoration companies and they don't seem to want to pony up any info either. I would like to have the serial number traced so I knew the age and have an original photo to work from. Past that I'm pretty good. I plan on restoring it to my own taste anyway. If anyone is able to help, please e-mail me directly at jackdylan07@yahoo.com.

  3. jackdylan07petekarlson on 3/28/2008 7:47:37 PM

    I have recently got a Schaaf pool table as well, bad thing is the old guy that had it painted it the same color as his house, yellow and a green. So needless to say it HAS to be redone. If any one has any information please contact me as well. I have the S/N but no way to find anything out.

  4. jackdylan07schmedspub on 4/12/2008 1:42:01 PM

    You would be suprised how many billiard table makers back then did not make tables, They bough other brands and put thier name tags on them. It might very well be a Brunswick.

  5. jackdylan07treehumper on 4/13/2008 8:50:11 AM

    Send Brunswick the S/N and some pics along with your queries. If it was the practice of the day then they will be able to tell you. Good luck.

  6. jackdylan07atenra11 on 9/10/2008 8:17:24 PM

    From what i gather, Schaaf Pool Tables had no relationship with Brunswick, other than they were competitors.

    Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, started 1911, and went out of business in 1980.

    I think the confusion comes from Schaff's designs seem to look 90% like tables that were recently discontinued by Brunswick , and they seemed to follow their fashion sense...

    one link you might like


    by someone with a table who actually spoke with the son of Valentine Schaaf.

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Schaaf or Brunswick?

  • Title: Schaaf or Brunswick?
  • Author: (Jack Dylan)
  • Published: 10/22/2007 2:56:44 AM