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Planning on buying a pool table

Planning on buying a pool table

When I was a young I used to play pool a lot, from about age 7 up until I graduated college. I have been wanting to buy a pool table for years, but living in an apartment didn't have the room. Well now I am looking to buy a house and am specifically searching homes with enough space for a pool table.

The one house I am seriously considering has an area that is about 19'4 x 14'4 1/2", which I believe would fit a 9' table, but will probably get an 8' table, since if I ever have to move an 8' table would be easier to find a room to fit.

I would also prefer solid wood and not manufactured wood, and wood veneer. I have had enough problems with other furniture where the veneer peeled or the edges got damaged easily. My budget is $4000, which includes the pool table, overhead light, cues, rack, chalk, etc.

What are some good brands to look at, and which brands to avoid?

There are only a few places that sell pool tables in Columbus Ohio, and the salesman at the one place I visited so far, Billiards Plus, recommended Olhausen and Brunswick. The tables look great and from a bit of research seem to be the top line, but I don't want to limit my self to just those companies. So any other recommendations would be appreciated.

The price of the Olhausen is 2999.95, it's solid wood, and not manufactured board, and includes balls, 4 cue sticks, rack, and pool cue stand, either floor or wall mounted, as well as upgraded felt.

The Brunswick is about the same, but $3595. Brunswick uses bolts instead of screws, and even though I don't plan on moving the table for years, you never know. Is that much of an issue I need to worry about. The Olhausen is about $600 cheaper, and manufactured in the US, and because of that would like to support them more, but if having bolts is better, I would rather spend the $600 more.

Another place I am planning on visiting tomorrow is Boston Tables, a manufacturer located in Columbus, Ohio.

I haven't been able to find any reviews of this company, if anyone has one or worked on one know, especially if you have had to repair one. The prices is about half the price of the Brunswick , but not sure about the quality. I would rather spend $3600 on a table and not have to spend anything else 5 years from now, than spend $1800 now and have a lot of repair work to do 5 years from now.

Here are the tables I am considering from Brunswick and Boston.

bostontables.com/p-37-8-nantucket-walnut-pool-table.aspx brunswickbilliards.com/catalog/pool-tables/camden.html

I can't find the exact match to the store room on Olhausen's site but it looks like it was either the Montrachet or Eclipse.

Planning on buying a pool table

Replies & Comments

  1. ronlambronlamb on 7/4/2010 5:35:02 PM

    I forgot to add. How heavy would I expect such a table to weigh? I would guess well over 500 lbs because of the slate. The reason I ask, is because one house I looked at has a large enough dining room to fit a 7' pool table, but I think the weight would be too much.

  2. ronlambronlamb on 7/5/2010 2:24:37 PM

    I went back to the store again to get some more models, and here are the ones I am considering.

    Olhausen Augusta or Santa Ana from the Signature Series. I kind of like a bit of the look of both, so the dealer mentioned I can change the feet and color on either one to get what I like.


    Brunswick Sheldon or Glenwood.

    There is also Legacy Kacy. which isn't shown on their web site, or the Winston. I haven't seen much information on the Legacy, and the prices are about the same as the Olhausen and Brunswick so wonder if there is any reason to get one.

    Also I have an option if I get the Olhausen to use the Brunswick felt for the same price. The dealer said the Brunswick wears better and is teflon coated, but what would others suggest.

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Planning on buying a pool table

  • Title: Planning on buying a pool table
  • Author: (Ronald Lamb)
  • Published: 7/4/2010 4:59:49 PM