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New To Billiards Need Pool Table Advice

New To Billiards Need Pool Table Advice

I have been wanting to take up a cue sport for quite a while. So naturally when my wife randomly said " you know a pool table would go in that room quite nicely" I started looking for tables!

The problem being I am in little old New Zealand, in a very small town, with a even smaller budget haha. I have a few things I can't find via Google. I would be very thankful if you can help:)

  • Is it going to be possible to transport a 8-9foot table in a couple of station wagons? Keep in mind this is New Zealand, so im not worried about weather the car etc. just if I can actually fit the pieces in etc. there are very few tables ever for sale near where I live. I assume any table with ball return will be harder to move, or not so?
  • Am I likely to get a better immediate result by: Buying a nicer table that has a more worn felt and rubbers. Or a slightly worse table but have the $$ left for new felt and rubbers? I figure if I really get into it down the track I can invest in a decent table.
  • Can I set up a "english" table like a "american" table? With new rubbers?
  • Any suggestions on adding a top to the table to use it as a normal table?

New To Billiards Need Pool Table Advice

Replies & Comments

  1. Jes.2xuZeke on 5/25/2015 6:24:21 AM

    In response to the questions:

    • Yes. 95% of all 8 & 9 footers use three piece slates, making each one ~ 3.3' wide and 4.6' long. Even a Subaru Forester could swing one or two. The long rails however are ~10' long x 1' wide. With the back seats down - and a few feet hanging out - they would fit as well.

    Keep in mind the weight of the entire table runs close to 1,000 pounds. Split between two wagons should be no problem. Once the table is dismantled, re-cushioning and recovering is almost mandatory... * Since the relocation of the table will mandate felt and cushion removal anyhow, why not go with plan B? * A six pocket pool table is neither English or Yank. A snooker table however is a horse of another feather ;) * There are ways to cover a pool table to make it a dining room centerpiece but that's akin to playing rugby on a soccer field ;)

  2. Jes.2xuJes.2xu on 5/25/2015 1:27:16 PM

    Thanks Zeke!

    Thanks a bunch for the input!

    So I had assumed (the mother of all...) that the long rails would come apart at the pockets. Hmm yeah so that may be interesting! Perhaps seats down and out the front passenger window.

    Hmm I was under the impression that there was a difference. The angle of the pockets ( rounded vs sharp), size of pockets and height of cushion. Perhaps I have been reading internet law haha! But yeah the pockets all look like this here (yes even most of the pub 8 ball tables etc)

    rugby on a soccer field huh? haha! As in it will ruin the billiards experience? or be a weird dinning experience? This was the only thing that the wife demanded from the pool table sign off. So i'm going to have to make it happen some way or another.

  3. Jes.2xuFenwick on 5/26/2015 4:08:51 AM

    My responses:

    • 8 foot table maybe. 9 foot table I'd rent a truck. You'll need some husky lads to tote the slate. The entire table should be disassembled when transporting.
    • Buy cheap, buy twice. You'll be recovering the table anyway. Replacing the rubber is not as easy.
    • By English do you mean a Snooker table?
    • It's been done. The problem is the chairs. Take two equal pieces of plywood and cover them with felt or even leather. You'll have a seam in the center but that shouldn't be a problem. Add a table cloth and it should last a lifetime.
  4. Jes.2xuJes.2xu on 5/28/2015 9:18:32 PM

    Thanks Fenwick!

    I hear you in regards to buying cheap etc. But the thing is this is more a hobby for me right now. I don't really have the cash to throw at a decent table. So its cheap or nothing. To be honest i'm the kinda guy who will enjoy buying a table using it for a bit the selling it and upgrading. You know, its a game, gotta beat the system and get a deal.

    Ah yeah I had thought of doing something similar with the cover. Had not thought about the fact that it will likely need custom chairs though. I'm guessing that will be dependent on the style of table right?

    So right now I think I can get this for next to nothing. 8x4 slate pool table. Put Mercury Ultra and pooldawg standard rubbers on it. Bit of a paint job. And I hope I could sell it for the cost of all that.

    The alternative is something like this. I think its a cheap ass kitset slate table. "bridgelands billiards" but I likely wont have much money left over to change anything out.

    For the short term, does anyone have any thoughts on which is going to be a better experience?

  5. Jes.2xuZeke on 5/29/2015 6:28:00 AM

    If you buy one as an investment to parlay into a better table at some future date, you're on a slippery path.

    To properly remove and install new felt and bumpers on a table that will require total dis-assembly and re-assembly (the only way a table can be moved, unless inches are the maximum distance, is to completely dis-assemble and re-assemble the entire table.

    Unless you have a machinist's square and straight edge, have experience in joining the slates w/bees wax, the use of shims to support 200 pounds and make the joints butt the entire length with a tolerance of within 1/1000" - you're wasting your time.

  6. Jes.2xuFenwick on 5/29/2015 3:40:27 PM

    For the short term, does anyone have any thoughts on which is going to be a better experience?

    Any table is better then none. I wouldn't paint it though.

    Stain and varnish. Cabinet makers son here.

  7. Jes.2xuMikey on 6/13/2015 3:00:16 PM

    Just stay with slate, anything else is a waste of effort.

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New To Billiards Need Pool Table Advice

  • Title: New To Billiards Need Pool Table Advice
  • Author:
  • Published: 5/25/2015 4:36:56 AM