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Looking for a table

Looking for a table

I would like to have anyones opinion I am going to get a table soon.i have been checking on craigs list and I find quite a few of seemingly nice looking tables.Would like to have input on brands what to look for so on.Don't want to spend a fortune but I don't want junk either.

Looking for a table

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  1. deadstrokequickshot on 7/8/2008 11:42:06 PM

    Your request is somewhat of a tall order. There are so many brands out there and there are so many people who have strong opinions about what they like and consider the best. I think you should do some research on some of the tables you have looked at and determine just what it is you want in a table. Once you do that you will have a better picture of what is in your price range. Good luck in your quest.

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Looking for a table

  • Title: Looking for a table
  • Author:
  • Published: 7/8/2008 4:54:15 PM