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Leisure bay pool table

Leisure bay pool table

I have found a Leisure Bay aurora pool table for sale in my area for a good price. I know that Leisure Bay doesn't make the nicest pool tables ever, and that they only cost around $1500 new. And I know they are known to sometimes have bad rails, hard pockets, and 3/4 to 1" slate.

Does anybody have any real experience with Leisure Bay pool tables or have any feedback on this specific Leisure Bay Aurora pool table?

I can get one that is visually in great shape (I have not inspected it yet) for $500 with a set of balls and pool cue sticks.

I am assuming that I should have somebody move this? I could move it easily but setting it back up I dont know anything about. I have moved pool tables before but have never set one up.

Here are some pictures:

At $500, do you think this pool table is worth it? Any advice is appreciated.

Leisure bay pool table

Replies & Comments

  1. t0talkosMitch Alsup on 5/23/2009 6:08:40 AM

    If you have normal household skills, you can disassemble the table and move it--bee exceedingly careful with the slate.

    There are a number of skills needed to set up a table such that it is flat and level. In addition putting the felt/cloth on the table such that it is taught and nicely tucked in is a job for someone who has done it several times. The way the cloth is cut when tucking in the side pockets is nonobvious.

    I suggest you look into a "table mechanic" to put the table back in working order, and tune it up for best playing ability.

  2. t0talkoscastilloroofs on 9/3/2010 2:36:53 PM

    if u can move it without having to disassemble the top, if u really want it, buy it. itz not a great deal unless u r desperate for a pool table. definitely not worth it if u have to disassemble top to move it.... might as well buy new and have it prepared in your home.

  3. t0talkosguest on 8/3/2011 6:37:39 PM

    I have the same table for about 18 yr, it has been great, I play 5 hr a week on the table for practice. just now did develop a dead section of rail near a pocket. I pulled the rails and found a couple of cracks where the rail is dead.

    check all the rails for good bonce, that's a great price' I wouldn't sell mine for that price, not even close to what I would want.

    Anyone know how to fix the rail without replacement.

  4. t0talkosuser1554291706 on 4/3/2019 4:41:50 AM

    A lot of people buy these tables on eBay or the Marketplace on Facebook and they think they're getting a good deal. Always remember there's a reason why somebody is selling the pool table. Sometimes it is because they don't want to make the initial investment and have new cushions installed on a pool table when the rails become dead.

    1. If one cushion is dry rotting and becoming hard and cracking, then they all need to be replaced. The cost ranges between $350 to $450 for real pool table cushion replacement. That's what I charge.
    2. Never, I mean never is a multi-piece slate-top pool table to be moved while intact/assembled. It must be disassembled and moved. I see so many people that will get six or seven other buddies, flip the pool table over, take the legs off, and move the rest all in one piece. Then they call us and ask us why it won't play true anymore. Many times stress cracks form in the slate or the wood frame splits. It is not meant to be moved or handled while still put together.

    It costs around $800 to completely redo a pool table (not including new pockets). When you do this, you'll get another 15 years of life out of the pool table. Usually this cost is only worth it to the person who plays on the pool table daily.

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Leisure bay pool table

  • Title: Leisure bay pool table
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  • Published: 5/19/2009 11:15:01 PM